Phil Towns
Owner / Director

A carpenter by trade, Phil’s love of concrete began in 2001 when he was asked to hand grind a hump of concrete for his employer. When the concrete opened up, he loved what he saw, starting a romance that continues to evolve. Phil has travelled extensively to learn new techniques, test equipment and recruit the best staff to ensure Cubic 8 leads the way in Australia for its delivery of quality polished concrete.

Contact Phil on 0408 891 136

Ali Towns
Owner / Office Manager

With 11 years administration experience, Ali is well equipped to manage the hub of Cubic 8. Ali liaises with builders, owners, designers and suppliers to ensure each job is briefed, quoted and completed efficiently.

Haydn Truman
Grinder Operator

If it’s possible, Haydn is nearly as crazy about concrete as Phil! He’s been creating concrete art for over five years, working on many profile projects in Victoria before being lured to WA to join the Cubic 8 team.

Alistair MacDonald
Grinder Operator

Alistair is a graphic artist by trade and as such is intrinsically creative. His appreciation of the visual beauty of polished concrete began a year ago when working in the Northern Territory. He recently moved to WA to work with Phil and the team to develop the graphic applications that can now be achieved in polished concrete.