Polished Concrete On New Floors

By engaging the services of Cubic 8 during your project’s building phase you are guaranteed the highest quality floor. As the final look of the concrete is reliant on the condition of the initial pour, Cubic 8 can assist by overseeing its construction to prevent low spots, ensure consistent aggregate placement and to monitor the level or flatness of the floor. Cubic 8 can provide detailed specifications outlining the entire process so you can be absolutely confident the end result will be an outstanding asset for your home or business.

Polished Concrete On Existing Floors

Regardless of the condition of your current floor, Cubic 8 Polished Concrete can repair the damage so that your flooring vision becomes a reality. Floor blemishes, such as joints or cracks can be repaired using high quality products prior to polishing. In addition, Cubic 8 Polished Concrete will remove epoxy mortar, VCT tile, paint, polyurethane, acrylic, and any two‐part epoxy, grinding the concrete back to its raw state before commencing the polishing process.